10 awesome tips to lose weight without killing your taste buds

Ask yourself this – why should you deprive yourself of your daily treats and guilty pleasures with all those dieting plans? Instead, there are plenty ways for you make smart moves, eat wise, and lose that flab. Eating ice cream isn’t bad, but digging into the tub till the spoon hits its bottom, is. So, read on and make use of these incredibly interesting and efficient strategies to help you shed pounds without driving your tongue to kill itself. From the widely known methods, like prescription weight loss pills, to not-so-known ones, like repainting your dining room, the list has it all. Instead of nitpicking your monthly canteen, cherry-pick any of these everyday tips.


Lose Weight With Taste


Stove to plate

A research says serving straight from the burners reduces one’s food consumption by a whopping 61%. So, forget bringing the serving dishes to the dining table and get to the kitchen for your food. And, of course, let’s not overlook the convenience of not having to set the dinner table.


Go dessert crazy, right in the morning

The researchers at Tel Aviv medical university have deducted from a study, that by adding desserts to your breakfast, one can lose weight relatively more than a person with equal-calorie daily food intake.


Log your food

Put yourself into the habit of logging your food intake throughout the day. This helps you to honestly look back into the day and note the cravings you gave into. Don’t deprive yourself, but if it goes way off track, you’ll know when to tether yourself just a little.



We have always known how diversely bad sleeping habits affect our health, both in the mental and physical realms. But, we constantly ignore this simple and powerful fact. Experts explain that if your body does not get its adequate and peaceful slumber, it translates partly into weight gain.


Hungry, or are you just thirsty?

We sometimes tend to mistake thirst for hunger and end up nibbling a quickie. To reduce this misinterpretation, regularly hydrate yourself. Form a habit and keep at it, and you could say goodbye to your quickies of the day.


Track your steps

We all love a little of tech in everything we do. And, when the reason happens to be so important, why not buy yourself a fitness tracker. There are plenty of wearable in the market to choose from. Set yourself a low target on day one and keep adding distance to your walks, every day after.



See your doctor, and he could suggest some generic prescription weight loss pills. This method has been tried, tested and proven for its efficiency.


Buddy up

This is a psychological one, but it can hugely impact on your perseverance to lose weight. Get your spouse or a friend to buddy along on your morning walks or any other fitness activities, and keep pushing each other for more.


Bag your lunch

Wake up early and cook something for your lunch. This allows you to choose what your mid-day meal will be and would put an end to your fast food takeaways close to your work.


Go blue

An interesting study shows that a blue décor to your dining room lessens your appetite. So, go shop for blue china, blue curtains, and blue table cloth. You could even repaint your dining room while you’re at it.

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