10 Ways to deal with body issues while wearing a bikini

Holiday season is almost over, but the remnants of our over indulgence in the holiday treats may be a bit more difficult to get rid of, especially when we have a sweet tooth. Even though it may seem way too early to start thinking about summer holidays, think twice. With the busy schedule the majority of us certainly have, we know how difficult it is to find time and motivation and strength to visit the gym or exercise regularly, so some of the issues we have with our body just stick with us. But do not worry! We are here to help you think of how to deal with some of the most common body issues when wearing a bikini ahead of actually going to the beach.


Problem 1: Broad Shoulders

Solution: Tops with wider straps

Starting  from the top, a common misconception is that only athletes and macho men have broad shoulders, and it does not flatter a woman to easily compare to them. So to solve this issue, try finding bikini tops with wider straps. The traditional ones are the spaghetti straps, but they will only make your shoulders look even broader. With wider straps, the attention will easily be redirected to the straps instead of your shoulders.

Bikini Tops with wider straps


Problem 2: Belly

Solution: High waisted, low cut bikini bottoms

Many of us, if not all, have problems with a pooch on our stomach. Yeah, if we do not point it out, no one will even notice it, they say. But, even better, and a more effective solution, is to find the vintage bikini bottom. Namely, high waisted and low cut bikini bottoms are gaining popularity in the recent years and are now becoming available at both department stores and swimwear stores because they both help successfully hide the belly and add a touch of vintage style to our overall beach outfit.


Problem 3: Small Breasts

Solution: Push up bikini tops

And again, one other problem the majority of us deal on a daily basis are small breasts. And the fashion industry again has a solution to offer! Until recently, only brassieres came with a push up effect, but recently they started adding them to bikinis as well, so look for a bikini top with extra padding to help you support the natural look you have. Just pay attention not to exaggerate.


Problem 4: Big Breasts

Solution: Graphic print on bikini bottom

In case you do not desire all attention to be on your bosom, redirect it to your other body parts. One way to do this is to choose a bikini bottom with graphic prints or with details which will catch attention more easily. It is also a good idea to have a bikini bottom with ties and bands. In case you need a good support, choose a structured, bra-like cups as they help defy gravity.

bra like cups


Problem 5: Hips

Solution: Beach kaftans

In case your most problematic body part are hips, namely cellulite we all fight with, fear not! Find beach kaftans and wrap up! These body wraps are also very helpful when you do not want to expose your entire body to the excessive sun rays, so not only will you hide your issue but look attractive as well.

Beach Kaftans


Problem 6: Small or Flat Tush

Solution: Bikini bottom with back ruching

When we have a handsome behind, we do not like it and desire it to be more humble. When it is humble, we want it to be more noticeable. So one way to make it more prominent is to find a bikini bottom with ruching at the back, as it will visually make it look bigger. Ruching adds bulk to fabric, and ultimately gives an optical illusion of a bigger behind.


Problem 7: No Waist

Solution: Mono-kini

The athletic body figure is also known as boyish body figure, so the most effective way to look more feminine on the beach is to wear a mono-kini. This sort of swimwear has an extra band of material connecting the top with the bottom, leaving the waist uncovered, so an hourglass figure is visually made in this way.

Mono kini


Problem 8: Thighs

Solution: Beach kaftans, again

Cellulite often covers the tush and thighs together, so if case your thighs are problematic as well, beach kaftans are a great solution to this problem. Make them match your bikini (or whatever sort of swimwear you have), accessorise properly so at to attract attention to your attributes instead on what you are not so proud of, and you are good to go!


Problem 9: Short Legs

Solution: French cut bikini bottoms

If you uncover more of your legs, they will seem longer. You can add some more skin if you choose a high waisted and high cut bikini bottom, as they visually elongate your legs.

French cut bikini bottoms


Problem 10: Full Body

Solution: All-over ruching

And, finally, if you just do not feel comfortable revealing your body at the beach for whichever reason, try uncovering only what you have to – by wearing a swimsuit. Additionally, swimsuits with ruching all over enhance the thinning effect.

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  1. Rohan Bhardwaj


    Simple yet effective tips. Women’s and men too feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong, but if they keep pushing self then it will not help them.

    The best tip is to only do something which is comfortable to us and then depending on the body type choosing the best bikini to make sure it stays for pleasure and comfort.

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