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How To Help your Child Get Better Grades

How To Help ayour Child Get Better Grades

Being a parent is actually the most important role in your life, and it consists of many complicated, minor and bigger roles which are intertwined. You should be a parent first, but you should also be your child’s friend, someone they can trust; their confidant, teacher, and helper. The roles of a parent are many, …

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Fun Gifts For Kids Between The Ages Of 3 And 8

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There’s hundreds of thousands of toys to choose from when it comes to looking for ideal and fun presents for your young ones. There’s way too much choice, so much in fact that it can become rather painstaking and difficult to choose which toys would be best to purchase for young children. The aim of …

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Top Educational Technology Gifts For Kids

With the holiday season soon to be fully upon us, many parents are debating which gifts to give their children. Thanks to modern technology, one of the most popular options is to give the gift of education in fun, educational and entertaining packages. Thankfully, learning has never been more exciting thanks to massive leaps forward …

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I didn’t believe in tough love until…I had to

For most of us, we can’t even understand the concept of tough love unless you have had to use it.  It is the most grueling experience I have ever had to endure and one that I never believed I would have to use until I received a call that changed my life.  I recall sitting …

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Creative Ways To Involve Children In Housework

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A lot of parents find it really difficult to involve their children in housework. And in fact this is completely normal – children want to go out, play and have fun. How to take this pleasure away from them and force them to do all those boring chores, which can be annoying even for us? …

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Organising Kid’s Birthdays On A Budget

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How to have a great kids party on the cheap Hosting a children’s birthday party is without doubt one of the most challenging things that any parent will do. After all, your little ones might be the apple of your eye, but they can be pretty fussy sometimes!  However, it’s important to ensure that you …

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Finding Entertainment When It Rains

When the sun’s shining and the weather’s great, it sometimes seems that there’s an endless list of possibilities. If you’re looking to keep children entertained, then it’s easy enough to plan a trip to the beach or the park. Once the rain starts to fall, however, the situation can quickly change. Most of us have …

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A Mum’s Guide To Have Fun With Your Kids

With all of the time constraints that we all face in today’s world, it can be incredibly easy to get lost in the routine of daily life.  When you do get a spare hour to yourself, or a few hours to have fun with your kids, it can be a bit of a shock to …

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