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‘Cheer a Child’ this Diwali to Spread Health & Happiness Among Kids

cheer a child

Fruit juice brand Real has launched a Social campaign to support nutrition needs of poor and underprivileged Children.   Real fruit juice, one of the most popular fruit juice brand has launched a mega social campaign on this 9th October – Cheer a Child – a joint venture with Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society. Mission …

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Best Websites To Buy Wallets Online in India

mens wallet

Today, we come up with the list of websites where one can find number of designer and branded wallets online. As we know, earlier wallets were used only by the men in our society but now this trend is changing and women equally love to carry wallets. Now girls too love to carry small beautiful …

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The Secrets Of A Woman’s Handbag

Women handbag

Wherever there’s a woman. there’s a handbag. It’s like an attached part of our body, reflecting our personality and lifestyle – it’s the accessory no woman can do without wherever we are. Some handbags are like black-holes, some are designed for tidiness with compartments, mobile phone pockets and key clips. A more recent trend is …

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Top 4 Advantages To Using Staffing Agencies

When the economy isn’t as robust as it should be, sometimes it can be a full-time job just trying to find your next place of employment. If you have been searching for work and haven’t had much luck thus far, why not consider teaming up with oil and gas staffing agencies, if that is your …

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LOLER Regulations Explained

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What is LOLER? LOLER stands for The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. These regulations apply to the lifting industry and came into force in 1998 and cover several aspects in relation to operations and equipment, including; lifting goods and people in the workplace. In terms of equipment, these are the types that are covered …

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How to Get a Nail Polish Stain out of Upholstery

furniture cleaning

Nail polish spills are very difficult to clean. Basically, they can ruin your favorite furniture in no time. But don’t throw it away. Not yet! For there is a way to remove nail polish stains from your upholstery. Don’t put up with the idea of living with this forever! Just make sure you read this …

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Safety Jewelry Cleaning Guide

Gold Bangles

Jewels need to be cleaned every now and then in order to be shiny and  good-looking. What you need to know is when you should do this and how often. Next time you are about to use your jewelry collection, take a look at it. Check if it needs cleaning. Your bangles, earrings and rings …

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Relationship Advice for Lottery Winners

Cashing in a large sum of money all of a sudden can be really stressful for ordinary people. Imagine the feeling you would have if you found out you are the Mega Millions’ jackpot winner! Wouldn’t you be overwhelmed knowing such a fortune is about to make its way towards your bank account? How much …

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Important Facts About Rose Flowers

Roses Rose Flowers

All flowers are beautiful, but no flower has come close to the rose flower in popularity. People of different races and nationalities look up to the rose as a symbol of love and affection, although some really go to specific details such as giving significance and meaning to the number, color, and variety of the …

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The Osborne Lights

Osborne Lights

We have all seen the extravagant lighting displays erected by some home owners for Christmas. I guess every region has a house, a street or a neighborhood where the residents go overboard with their lights, inflatable Santas and giant snowmen. Nobody, however, has taken things quite as far as one family in Arkansas so if …

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