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Lunacycle period management app, stress buster for women

Lunacycle Index

Trying to conceive? If yes, you may be well aware that trying to get pregnant is more difficult, than pregnancy itself! Menstrual cycles to chart, body weight to note, changing body conditions to notice can cause stress in your mind!! Today we come up with the good news for all the new-age-fast-paced women. Lunacycle period …

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Know Why Your Partner is Too Scared to Seek Medical Help

partner health check up

If we’re completely honest, most of us don’t enjoy the prospect of going to the doctor or dentist, even if we know there’s nothing to worry about and it’s just a routine check, which will last a matter of minutes. The reality is that there are many different reasons why people are apprehensive or reluctant …

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Can Omega-3 Enhance Fat Loss ?

omega 3

In an article entitled “Top 10 Diet Controversies of All Time”  I wrote about the two main types of diets advocated by doctors and dietitians, those low in carbohydrates or those low in proteins. Sometimes these diets also included counting the calories consumed while engaging in increased physical activity to boost the body’s ability to …

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How To Prevent Gum Disease

gum disease

Gum disease is a very common condition which causes the gums to become inflamed. Most adults experience gum disease at least once in their lifetime, but if left untreated it can become a lot more serious. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways in which you can avoid gum disease. What Causes Gum Disease? The …

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Health Benefits of Adding Parsley in Your Daily Regimen


Nature is incredible and provides for each of our needs, through its beneficial gifts. The wondrous herb of Parsley has been used since ages, for medicinal as well as healing purposes. Parsley is nothing but the leaves of carom seeds. Carom Seeds are also known as bishop’s weed and are a powerhouse of health benefits.  …

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6 Things to Do to Help Your Friend Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Smoking kills. Smoking is responsible for six million deaths around the world each year, according to the World Health Organization. This number could rise to eight million deaths by 2016 if there is nothing done to stop the 3,000 or so new smokers getting into the addiction each day. And, it is wrong to think …

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6 Ways to Stay Motivated when You Have ADHD

It is but normal for people to have difficulty finding motivation sometimes at work or in doing anything. But, for people with ADHD the difficulty of staying motivated is no longer something that rarely happens.  This is because people with ADHD are easily overwhelmed with the things around them. They may know what the problem …

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5 Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan to Age You Gracefully

tai chi chuan

While Tai Chi Chuan is known to be a gentle art, you don’t have to wait until mid-life to enjoy all of the tremendous benefits that come with the practice of this internal martial arts style. A Little History… Tai Chi Chuan translates as the Grand Ultimate Fist. With roots from China stemming back to …

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The Current State Of The Uk Health Sector

doctor in training

All vital statistics concerning the health sector in the United Kingdom reveal that the sector is currently in expansion mode; growing at a steady pace. This includes employment and career opportunities. When discussing healthcare in the UK, it is vital to understand the dynamics involved; one Kingdom does not necessarily mean one system.   A …

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ChromaDex PURENERGY – Meeting Consumer Demand For Energy With Less Caffeine

ChromaDex Caffeine Survey

Many consumers ingest caffeine on a daily basis in their coffee or tea — or even in colas and energy drinks — but the latest trend in the energy product sector is caffeine in food, and not just in the expected places, such as chocolate candy or coffee ice cream. Caffeine is now being added …

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