Important Facts About Rose Flowers

All flowers are beautiful, but no flower has come close to the rose flower in popularity. People of different races and nationalities look up to the rose as a symbol of love and affection, although some really go to specific details such as giving significance and meaning to the number, color, and variety of the rose flower they give to their beloved.

Because of its greatness and worldwide acceptance, the rose is the most popular choice among gift-givers almost without regard to culture, nationality, or religion. The beauty of this flower is something that people can’t resist to appreciate and admire. Even a single rose flower has the magic of bringing life to a room.

If you are wondering about how the rose made its way to greatness, here are some facts you might want to know about the rose:

1. Roses Rose FlowersMany people believe that rose was first cultivated in Persia.

2. The rose has been in existence long before man ever walked the earth. This is evidenced by rose fossils found in Colorado. These fossils are believed to have existed almost 40 million years ago.

3. People of ancient Egypt revere and consider the rose as their most sacred flower. They use it as offerings for Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility.

4. In China, the rose has gained early attention that date back to 550 BC. Confucius himself was the one who reported that he found books about roses in the Chinese Imperial library.

5. In England, people began cultivating and propagating the rose since the 15th century.

6. The existence of a black rose is but an allusion, but there are deep red roses that suggest they are black.

7. Presently, Netherlands is the biggest grower and exporter of roses in the world.

8. Aside from being beautiful, roses are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and other substances that are beneficial to health. Traditional medicine has been using roses for the treatment of allergies, depression, anxiety, nervous tension, and headache. Rose oil is also used for overall skin care and for the restoration of a person’s sex drive.

Roses are generally classified into three main types, and these are:

Species Roses

Species Roses are also known as Wild Species Roses. They are simple, five-petal flowers that are often followed by bright-colored hips birds love to eat during winter. One of the most popular varieties of Species Rose is the Rosa rugosa. This flower won the hearts of many because of its simplistic beauty, hardiness, resistance to diseases, and easy maintenance.

Old Garden Roses

These roses are delicately beautiful and wonderfully scented. These fragrant flowers, which are also known as “antique roses,” generally possess winter hardiness. Their being winter-hardy, disease resistant, and easy to grow, makes them one of the most preferred flowers for lawns and home gardens. Some of the most known relatives of old garden roses include Bourbon Roses, Moss Roses, China Roses, Damask Roses, and Tea Roses.

Modern Roses

Rose flowers that were discovered or propagated after 1867 are considered modern roses. This group of roses followed the age of Old Garden Roses. They have become popular, widely grown and cross bred with polyanthus, a variety of primrose, to produce some of the most beautiful roses that we have at the present day.

As a result of efficient cross breeding, modern roses come with a variety of colors and they have achieved a rich and vibrant quality that almost always leave women breathless when they received these wonderful flowers as gifts.

Some of the most popular Modern Roses include the Grandiflora, Floribunda, and Hybrid Tea Roses. Like their looks, modern roses are delicate. They need proper care and attention, and they thrive very well in warmer places.

These are some of the most interesting facts about roses. People are actually right for making the rose the symbol of many beautiful things including love, passion, affection, sincerity, purity, friendship, and other virtues.

Make someone feel extra special and ecstatic today by giving her a red Rose flower or a bunch of beautiful Rose blossoms from your favorite florist.

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