Temporary Tattoos for Everyone

Tattoos are more popular than ever, and certainly more publically accepted than they have ever been before, however a tattoo might not be for everyone; tattoo removals are also on the rise and particularly among women, so maybe marking your body with an image permanently isn’t for everyone. What about temporarily?

Temporary tattoos have been an option for quite some time and have particularly popularity among children who are not yet old enough to get a tattoo; you might think that this is a bad idea and you’re just encouraging children to get tattoos, but this is not the case. When it comes to both henna tattoos and stick on tattoos children can select a design they like, apply it and it stays there for a few days, usually the child is sick of it by the time it’s gone. Of course they understand that it is temporary and will go away after a while, they also understand that normal tattoos don’t do this; all your teaching them is that if they just pick what they think looks cool when they’re a kid they’ll soon get sick of it.

Temporary tattoos are no longer just an option for children, or even adults; now you can tattoo your dog. There has been outrage in the media whenever pets are tattooed, much the same as when children are tattooed, insisting that it is cruelty to the animals who are unable to speak for themselves. However, thanks to one celebrity dog groomer by the name of Jorge Bendersky you can give your dog an attractive, painless and completely temporary tattoo. Bendersky insists that the dogs like the tattoos and there is no evidence to prove him wrong; putting the tattoo on the dog can take between ten minutes and half an hour, during which the dog is petted and given all the attention they love, and they certainly get more attention on their walks as a result of the tattoos. Bendersky explains that the tattoos are simple and harmless and will wash out as soon as the dog is washed, so far the idea has proven to be very popular.

There has been recent news that henna tattoos could present some serious health risks, in the last few months the henna tattoos were investigated by the FDA, which followed some reports that henna tattoos had caused extreme, painful and dangerous reactions with some who had received them. The problem however is that this news has put many off the idea of getting henna tattoos, which show no major health risks. The issue occurs when black henna is used, this consists of additional ingredients found in some hair dyes, the most dangerous of which is p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is prohibited from use on the skin due to the dangerous reactions that can occur.

PPD has been known to cause redness, blisters, raised red weeping lesions, loss of pigmentation, increased sensitivity to sunlight and these can even result in permanent scarring. These are a result of a severe allergic reaction and while they do not happen to everyone they are rather common, and of course those who have had no reaction to traditional henna in the past can have reactions to black henna.

Traditional henna contains mostly natural ingredients, and certainly does not include the harmful PPD, in most cases it is considered safe to use, however if you have not used henna before and you don’t know whether or not you are allergic to the ingredients in henna then you can test it by placing a small amount on your hand or arm and waiting a few hours to see whether you react, if you do this is generally only a mild reaction such as redness or a rash (like a heat rash). However; reactions to traditional henna are fairly rare.

If you are particularly worried about henna you may find that a stick on tattoo is the way to go; this means just applying a small amount of skin friendly ink directly to the upper skin layer, this typically only lasts three or four days, though if you wash regularly and thoroughly you may find it only lasts two days. It is of course possible to have an allergic reaction to this, as the inks used are very similar to those used in face paints.

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