Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

A lot of vegetarians find it difficult to lose weight because they start eating more carbohydrates and calories when they cut out meat. While carbohydrates might taste great and keep you full, they can easily lead to weight gain.

If you are trying to lose weight while still being a vegetarian, then there are a lot of things you can do to make this happen. Here are some great vegetarian weight loss diet tips.





Tips for Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

1. Eat More Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of your daily nutrition and it helps keep your digestive system regular. You can get fiber through a lot of different foods, including fruits and vegetables. By eating more fiber you will stay full, have a healthy digestive system and lose weight without constantly being hungry.

2. Eat Protein

Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get protein in your diet. Is it going to be difficult to do this? Only if you haven’t experimented with alternative forms of protein in the past. You just have to know which foods are high in protein and safe for you to eat. Start off with tofu, which is one of the most popular protein sources for vegetarians. This can be put into smoothies, sauteed, fried, or cooked in a number of different ways. It’s low in carbohydrates and calories, but has a lot of great protein in it.Other great sources of protein include :-

– Garbanzo Beansbroccoli salad recipe
– Cheddar Cheese
– Yogurt
– Eggs
– Broccoli
– Tempeh

Generally, you should be eating 47 grams of protein per day if you are a woman and 56 if you are a man, but each person is different with their requirements. By adding more protein in your diet you will find that you cut out a lot of carbohydrates and are still losing weight in a way that is healthy for your body.

3. Count Calories

Counting calories is important whether you’re a vegetarian or not. If you don’t count calories, then you could easily end up eating more than you anticipated. Try using a fitness app on your smartphone, like MyFitnessPal. This app and many others will track calories and nutrients for you. All you have to do is log what you eat and it will take care of the rest. You can even view a pie chart that shows what percent of calories, fat and protein you eat each day.

4. Watch Snacks

When you switch to being a vegetarian your snacks might go from various cold cuts to dried fruits and large pieces of bread. These probably taste good, but they can pack a huge calorie punch if you eat a lot of them. Try and snack on foods that are going to keep you feeling full without you eating a lot of them. For example, raw carrots and hummus or ranch dip and raw broccoli are great fiber-filled foods.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t automatically mean you are going to lose weight. It’s all about balancing your calories, making sure you are getting proper nutrition and paying attention to your snacking. By doing all of these things you can leave out the meat for good while still enjoying your vegetarian weight loss diet.


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  1. Shilpi Dutta

    Useful article. I am a veg and do follow this regime regularly..But at times I lose control over snacks:-(

    1. cindin

      Hi Shilpi, I’m glad you found my article useful. We all snack and sometimes snack on unhealthy foods. Consider alternative low calorie foods, such as low fat cheese, nuts or a protein bar. You can also have your “cheat day” once a week with the foods you enjoy but always remember in moderation (small portions). :)

  2. Voyager For Life (@renns20)

    Must say, great tips! I usually don’t bother about counting calories, but I guess it’s important.

    1. cindin

      Glad you enjoy the tips and yes, it’s extremely important to watch your calorie intake. Read the labels you purchase and remember your portion sizes.

  3. angilalana

    The best way to lose weight is really quite simple – combine a fat loss nutrition plan with a fat loss exercise routine best way to lose weight

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