Monthly Archive: October 2012

Diet Plan to lose weight

Increasing weight is a constant issue with both the sexes either it is a male or female. But it is a little harsher when comes to women because the quintessential women portrayed in the magazines, TVs, movies etc. are the ones with a slim figure and petite. This is the image which every which every …

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Green Tea Benefits

There are over three thousand varieties of tea found all over the world, each with its own unique character and scent. Amongst those three thousand is a variety commonly used and known for its antioxidant properties; the Camellia Sinesis, better known as Green Tea. Benefits of green tea are widely known all over the world. …

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HR Interview Tips – How to face hr interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking and rarely does any one of us go through it without sweat dripping off our forehead and heartbeats racing. The more we want a job the more nervous we seem to get. So, what is the solution to it? Here are a few hr interview tips for you which might help you …

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How to control anger

Overwhelming anger can not only hamper your health but also cause problems in relationships. Anger is said to have broken many households and friendships. The person showing anger doesn’t realize what the outcomes might be until its too late. Apart from destroying relationships and giving a bad name amongst friends and family, anger takes a …

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10 Hottest Mini skirts in trends

Mini Skirt

If you love to flaunt your legs, miniskirts are the best ways to go about isn’t it? A mini skirt follows a old saying that, to look seductive you much hide only as much as needed to keep the curiosity alive!   This season, show off your sexy legs with the latest trends in Mini …

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Homemade Facials – Treat Your Skin with 10 Best Homemade Facials

Deadlines to meet at work, taking care of kids and family, maintaining an active social life does not leave any time for women like ‘you’ to take care of yourselves no matter how much you want to. Your skin takes the toll and goes dull. But it is important to pull yourself out of your …

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Embellish Your Love Relationship With Chocolate!

Chocolate Bath

There is undeniably something sensuous about chocolate! You would be surprised to know there is actually a relevant scientific definition for it.Cocoain chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin. Well, you can thank these chemicals because they are the ones which light up the pleasure areas in your brain. It is not unknown that chocolate and love …

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Diet for healthy hair

Brown Rice

Hair is one of the most important beauty elements of our body. It plays a major role in our personality and the way we look. It is also seen as a sign of health. If one’s hair is thick and lustrous it is believed that the person is in good heath and if vice versa, …

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