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10 Easy and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff

Winter has arrived and one of your most familiar enemies is ready to hit your scalp, or may be you have already got hit by it – yes I am talking about the common dandruff. Dandruff is a very common scalp condition which can be happened in any season but in winter your scalp get …

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Winter Holiday? Keep Your Sun-Kissed Skin Looking Smooth

skin care in winter

If you’re lucky enough to be escaping the wild, wet and windy days of autumn or winter and are jetting off for a sun-drenched break, you may be wondering how to keep your tan for as long as possible, as well as how to protect your skin and make sure it looks soft, smooth and …

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Skin Care Tips for Winter

skin care tips for winter

Winter is coming. Are you looking forward to it? To many, winter brings joy, especially when we remember holidays, winter vacations and warm, pleasant moments that we’ve spent with our family and friends. On the other hand, coldness brings up many problems which should not be ignored. Cold, clear winter days can cause intolerable dryness …

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Best Foods for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin Foods

Lifestyle can prove to be the maker or breaker of one’s health. So, it is essential to follow good food habits which can not only help in health care, but also in daily care for skin. Beauty products may help but only on the outside. It is also essential to give the body all the …

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Easy tips to make you the queen of the beach

queen of the beach

Summer months turn on a different switch in people and we simply start thinking in a more relaxed and warmer way (in every sense). We go out more often and have more chances for meeting new people, especially if we are party animals and hang out. When the weather is hot, the first thing we …

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4 Basic Skin care steps you must know

skin cleansing

Does your skin glow like your neighbor. Does your skin glows one day and look dull on the very next day. May be your are not following some steps to nourish your skin. Today we come up with some basic skin care tips which will give positive results very soon and yes its very easy …

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Stimulate Your Hair Growth By Using Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera

What is Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is a perennial plant, especially known for its wonderful properties. It is a stem less or very short stemmed succulent plant growing to 60-100 cm tall. It is green in colour varying from green to grey-green with some varieties showing white flecks.  It has been used by mankind right …

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Step-By-Step Guide To A Perfect Evening Skin Care Routine

washing face

After a long day, the last thing on your mind is an evening skin care routine. However, a little tine spent on your face can do wonders for the condition and look of your skin in the morning. Having an evening skin are routine can also keep you looking younger for years to come. Here …

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How Cosmetic Products Affect Our Health

natural skin care

We use cosmetics to help improve our appearance and enhance our best features. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of products currently on the market that claims to beautify our skin, only to leave it in less-than-perfect condition. These negative effects could be a result of an underlying skin condition, an allergic reaction, or something else entirely. …

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How vitamin C can rejuvenate your skin

Vitamin C Sources

Vitamin C has a number of great benefits for the skin. The nutrient can protect your skin from sun damage, prevent inflammation and improve your collagen production. Below is a detailed discussion on how vitamin C can rejuvenate your skin. Reduces wrinkles Ingesting Vitamin C can increase your skin’s elastin production. This is a protein …

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