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Guide for body & mind retreat


In these modern times we have all become working machines, running around multitasking and achieving, with little consideration for our bodies and minds that can only take so much before we start seeing signs of a burn-out. With today’s rapid pace of life, a two week beach vacation is simply not enough to rejuvenate us. …

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Warning: These 5 Habits Are Damaging Your Teeth

Healthy Teeth

When it comes to oral health, bad habits can have a damaging impact on the teeth. But which habits should you try to kick this year? Sometimes the simplest changes can make a huge impact on both your oral and general health. If you’d love to have a healthy, attractive smile for 2015, here are …

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10 Easy Steps for Better Sleep

insomnia - sleep disorder

Sleep deprivation and insomnia is one of the very common disease in today’s digital life. Today, I am coming up with few easy bed time rituals which you must follow to get better sleep.   Yes, I am talking about the rituals, you must be following your morning rituals which makes you feel more energized …

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10 Easy ways to get rid of a Cold

Common Cold

Winter has arrived and your most familiar enemy is ready to hit you – a common cold.   You might be eyed that the fellow traveler in metro is coughing; your colleague sitting just beside you sneezed in a meeting. Somehow you reached home avoiding them and you got winced when your toddler came home …

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5 Easy Winter Health Tips You Must Follow

winter health tips

Winter has arrived and depending on your health it would be a time for you to thrive or it can be a painful time for you.   Today, I am coming up with some of my favorite winter health tips to stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy during this cold weather. These are the 5 …

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How to cleanse your body all-year round!

body cleansing

It’s the time of the year when everybody’s trying to take stock of all the things that happened throughout the past year.   Some of us have on our dream list of ‘must-haves’ a really beautiful, fit and healthy body!   What if there was a way to cleanse your system without having to depend …

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Best time to eat fruits

benefits of fruits

You love eating fruits, it tastes good, it is good for your health, it helps you to get glowing skin and it is good for your overall well being. There is no doubt that eating fruit is healthy for you, but it is not enough to eat fruit frequently, you must know the right way …

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Insomnia – 10 Natural Ways to Beat Sleeping Disorder

Insomnia - Sleeping Disorder

Sleep is something everyone craves for, but why everyone does struggle for it periodically? You have also tried to do it right? You stopped taking caffeine, you don’t take heavy dinner or don’t take any heavy meal just before going to bed, also you make sure that lights are off, you make a consistent schedule …

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Detox – Feel Fresher and Healthier than ever before

Detox – Feel Fresher and Healthier than ever before

Noticing that your body is full of toxins is not hard. When you feel sluggish, or if you notice that you are not functioning as well as you have before, or if you have problems with your skin or even with your digestive system, then it is time to purify your body. The process of …

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13 Health Tips for Working Women, Do’s & Dont’s

health tips for working women

Good health for women on the go Being a working women is a tough role, as she has to balance home and office effectively. Between home chores and meetings, between waking up early to get to work and leaving on time to get home. In all this, women often tend to ignore their health. The …

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