10 Easy Steps for Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation and insomnia is one of the very common disease in today’s digital life. Today, I am coming up with few easy bed time rituals which you must follow to get better sleep.


Yes, I am talking about the rituals, you must be following your morning rituals which makes you feel more energized and it makes your day smoother and easier. But, if you are not following these bedtime rituals you must be compromising with your sleep which can affect your health later but very badly.


An hour before going to bed you can start these night time rituals which helps to sleep better. Adding them in your night routine will take you in your dreamland very easily and help you to get very deep and restorative sleep which you body and brain need.

insomnia - sleep disorder


1. Turn off the Lights

Darkness can be considered as a sleeping pill gifted by the nature, it suggests your body to start producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which helps you calm down and feel sleepy. Turning of the lights or dimming them down before your bedtime will boost up the production of melatonin. So, you can easily get a good sleep.


As per the Journal of Clinical and Endocrinology & Metabolism, if your body gets the exposure of the bright electric light between your bedtime and dusk, it will suppress the production of melatonin in your body and leave you active.


2. Take Hot Shower

You get better sleep if the temperature of your body is at lowest level, just like early hours in morning when you get deep sleep. By taking warm shower you will artificially increase up the temperature of your body and your body’s internal thermostat will start working to lower it which will further give hint to your brain that you are heading towards sleep.


3. Use Bedroom only for Sleep

You must use your bedroom only for sleep, not for anything things else. If you will use your bed only for sleep it will create a mental association between the body and bed. Using laptop, working, reading, watching television or any other activity which you do before your bedtime, must be done anywhere else but not in your bedroom. So when it will be time to retire for the day and you get into your bed your body takes it as a signal to doze off.


4. Turn off Your Digital Devices

Turn off your digital devices like ipad, laptop an hour before your bedtime. Make a routine to replying to your emails, or other activities earlier in the evening. The light which comes from the screen of your tablet, phone or computer is a blue spectrum light which is very dangerous because it is one of the primary reason of insomnia. This blue spectrum light signals to your brain to stop producing melatonin. Even just few minutes of exposure to this blue spectrum light signals to your brain to stay awake.


5. Stay Away from Kitchen

Take your dinner atleast three hours before going to sleep, so that your stomach will get sufficient time to digest it, and it will not keep you awake on bed because of gas or heartburn. If you feel hungry again at the time of going to bed then again it will keep you awake, take small snack for such cases.


6. Clean Bedroom

Your bedroom must be clean to get rid of anxiety and stress in your brain. Clean up your bed sheets, book shelves, and move out unnecessary items from your bedroom. Clean bedroom will help you to get better sleep.


7. A Glass of Warm Milk

Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to sleep will help you to get better sleep. Drinking warm milk before going to bed makes tranquilizing effect on your body. It makes you feel relaxed and prepares you for deep sleep. Also, milk contains amino acid in it which increases the drowsiness in our body and helps to sleep easily.


8. Do Stressful Activities in Morning

The whole point of writing this bedtime ritual is just to make you feel relaxed and stress free and to set the stage of dozing off. But, if you will still be fighting with stressful work or if you are involved with any of the activity which can raise your blood pressure, following all other bedtime rituals will go in vain. Save such stressful work for next day when your body and brain is refreshed and ready to handle any tough situation.


9. Turn Alarm Clock to the Wall

Watching your alarm clock after going to bed is another very strong reason that insomnia can hit you. When you watch your alarm clock that time is passing and you are still awake, you want to sleep soon because you have to wake up next day on time but minutes are passing and you still awake, it will increase anxiety and you will stay awake. Better to turn your alarm clock to wall facing, if you can’t see the time you will get sleep easily.


10. Don’t Allow Pets in Bedroom

As per the survey conducted by University of Kanas, 57 percent of pet owners who shared their bed with their pets reported being awakened because of their pets atleast once every night. So, either ban your pets in your bedroom or atleast set their own sleeping space opposite side of your bed.


It is not really tough to get better sleep. These are very easy bedtime rituals which you can add in your routine to live healthy and stress free life.



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  1. Rohan Bhardwaj


    Indeed very useful steps. The best and simple one is to turn all devices off, these days we often sleep with smartphones and it ruins the sleep for all the wrong reasons.

    Not doing some hardcore activity is also good point. Everyone should work on their body, so it gets better and we all have a good sleep.

    Nice post. :)

    1. Richa

      Thanks Rohan!!

      For reading the article and sharing your views. Positive feedback keep me motivated to come up with more informative posts.

  2. geeta agarwal

    Hi Richa,
    very nice n helpful article.

    1. Richa


      Thanks for reading the article and appreciation.

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