Embellish Your Love Relationship With Chocolate!

Spice up your relationship with chocolate

There is undeniably something sensuous about chocolate! You would be surprised to know there is actually a relevant scientific definition for it.Cocoain chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin. Well, you can thank these chemicals because they are the ones which light up the pleasure areas in your brain. It is not unknown that chocolate and love go hand in hand, even on Valentine’s day- the day of love chocolates is considered the signature gift. So, if you want to add spice to your relationship, want to rekindle your passion, chocolate is the way to do it.


When was the last time you and your spouse enjoyed chocolate together? Though it might have been quite some time now but we are confident that those memories are still afresh in your mind.

Spice up your relationship with chocolate

Chocolates are an absolute bliss, not only do they comfort you when you eat them there are many ways you can use chocolate to rekindle the passion in your relationship.


Send your guy on a romantic chocolate hunt!

Get his favorite chocolates and put them around in places of your home with a trail of cute romantic clues about where they can expect their little surprise. Keep the trail alive with clues which mean something special to you like the place in the house where you like to hang out the most etc. You can end the hunt with a cozy romantic candle lit dinner which you have set up in corner of a room etc.


Chocolate-Chocolate Everywhere!

Set up a chocolate flavored candle light dinner. Plate yummy chocolate coated frits on the table and feed one or two to your partner with your own hands.


Take a Dip into chocolate
Chocolate Bath

There are hundreds of chocolate bath recipes on the internet, chose your favorite one and just wait for him to come home. Dip yourselves in the bath and enjoy your time with champagne. It is a good way to relax yourselves as well as spend quality time together.


Let your Guy Know About the Pleasure of a Chocolate Spa!

You must have enjoyed a chocolate spa time and again, this time, treat your guy with one too! A chocolate spa does not need any reason so just take the liberty to book a spa treatment for him on the weekend. He will simply love it!


Have Fun With Chocolate Body Painting!

Either you can buy body painting chocolates from the market or melt a few bars of your favorite chocolate. Make it into a game to paint on each other and not to forget you can have a taste of it too! This is one of the best ways to have a good time with your partner and you both will end in having a good laugh time.


Chocolate is rich in the ‘love chemical’; phenylethylamine. If you feel you have not treated your loved one with something special for quite long time, chocolate is the way to do it. It never fails to spice up your passion for each other.

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