How to control anger

Overwhelming anger can not only hamper your health but also cause problems in relationships. Anger is said to have broken many households and friendships. The person showing anger doesn’t realize what the outcomes might be until its too late. Apart from destroying relationships and giving a bad name amongst friends and family, anger takes a toll on body too. It is important to control anger to maintain a healthy social and healthy life. There are various anger management techniques which you can follow to control anger. If you really want to live a stress free life, it is important to know how to control anger. Below listed are a few very important techniques to control anger and believe us when we say, they really do work!

  • Whenever you feel you are about to get an anger pang, take deep breaths and move out of the situation or away from whatever it is that is irritating you. Stop whatever you are doing and calm yourself and go some place else.
  • Stretch your muscles- Your muscles tense up whenever you are angry. Relaxing them can help you relax. Do a few exercises to flex your muscles. Also intake of more oxygen in your body while performing exercises will give more oxygen to your brain in turn, clearing your thoughts.
  • Take a walk and chill out.
  • Most of the people report that their anger pangs are sudden and half of the times they don’t even know what triggered them! So, make a habit of writing a journal where you can keep records of things and situations which make you angry in this way you can predict which situation is going to make you angry and you can take better steps to control it.
  • Practice meditation everyday. Incorporate it in your daily routine, it will improve your concentration and help you organize your thoughts thus giving you better control of your emotions.
  • Take a bath! Yes, you heard us right. We are aware that it is not possible in every situation but it clams your temper down immediately.
  • Calm down your nerves by drinking a glass of water.
  • If it is a person who is making you angry, don’t speak anything. No matter how much ever you want to.
  • Sooth down with music. Listen to your favorite music and sooth yourself down.

If you have anger problems do not think it is not normal. Anger is simply an emotion and it is ok to express it. It means that you do not hold back things in your heart but sometimes this frankness of your heart which you exhibit when you are angry can hurt people near and dear to you. So, it is very important to keep your anger in check if your want to preserve these relationships. Most of the times you can do it yourself with the help of the few above mentioned tips but if you are not able to control it, it is advisable to see a counselor. Again, there is nothing to be ashamed of to see a medical practitioner, they are just going to help you be a better person who is in control of their emotions.


  1. Sameer

    I am very short tampered and loose control very soon.. just because of this i’ve loosen couple of my friends just in past few days.. please suggest what should I do?

    1. A Husen

      It’s depend on you why you are getting angry in meager think. when you get angry just go away from their to any other way.

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