How to lose weight

You Can Lose Weight By The Healthy and Painless Way! Know How…

It’s all about how you eat, not what you eat. Confused? Researchers have proved that it is not about the quantity of food you eat but the kind of food you eat which determines your weight. So, even if you eat more but watch what you eat, you can lose weight easily and not to mention, you can even ditch your diet plans!

A few simple tweaks in your lifestyle and you have the solution to your ‘ever worrying’ question of How to lose weight:

  •  Sneak in more fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet instead of digging in goodies
  •  Chewing your food 35 to 50 times can help you loose weight. Doesn’t it sound easy? Of course it is. Devoting more time in chewing food before swallowing sends signals to brain that the stomach is full. Also the more you chew the food the more digestive it becomes breaking down the calories. So next time you wonder how to lose weight, start by chewing your mouthful well.
  • Sleep your weight off! Yes, you heard it right; log in at least six hours of sleep. Studies have shown that those night owls who sleep less are more prone to weight gain. Giving your body proper sleep can keep your body from storing fat.
  • Avoid missing your breakfast it slows down your metabolism. No matter how late you are running or even don’t feel like eating anything in the morning, you should not skip your breakfast.
  • Curb calories by spicing up your food. It can be your key to lose weight. Adding a bit of garlic, pepper, chilly powder and such other low calorie spices will awaken your taste buds, you will enjoy your food more and feel fuller faster.
  • Another interesting way to lose weight is by having smaller portions of meals. Break of the conventional style of three big meals a day; instead go for six smaller meals with a gap of two to three hours in between. This helps to keep up your metabolism rate throughout the day.
  • One of the most important things to maintain if you really want to lose weight is to drink lots of water. Drinking gallons of water a day aids in digestion, suppresses your frequent hunger pangs, flushes out toxic wastes from your body and keeps your organs healthy. If you drink it Luke-warm, even better!
  • Over-cooked meals can affect your weight loss schedule. If you want to lose weight the right way, don’t overcook your food. Over-cooking results in loss of the natural nutrients from the vegetables, depriving nutrients from your body which in turn result in your body craving for them and you ending up sufficing it from higher calorie foods.

You need to k now that even if you don’t want to undergo crash dieting plans, vigorously work out in the gym, and still lose weight, there is a way! Follow the above mentioned tips and you will feel the results within a few weeks. In order to lose weight it is not necessary that you go food-deprived; you can follow simple healthy routines in your lifestyle and still lose weight naturally!

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    Nice list. But its quite hard to accommodate 6 meals in a normal office day.

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