HR Interview Tips – How to face hr interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking and rarely does any one of us go through it without sweat dripping off our forehead and heartbeats racing. The more we want a job the more nervous we seem to get. So, what is the solution to it? Here are a few hr interview tips for you which might help you sooth out a little before an interview. But before getting on with the to-do and not-to-do list it is important to keep in mind that no matter what, before entering the office premises for interview you should do your homework well. You should do an intense research about the company only then you will gain more confidence while facing the interview. Now let’s start with the list of hr interview tips:


  • First and foremost, as mentioned above; do a proper research on the company and strategically plan in your mind which department or position is suitable for you given your capabilities, strength and weakness.

  • Be thorough with your resume. Today most of the people simply download a resume template from a resume site and fill it with their credentials without even a second glance at what are the fields on them. So, if you are one among them, go through your resume thoroughly so that when the interviewer asks something from your resume, you do not go fishing for an answer.

  • Importance of self-presentation in the perfect attire is not unknown. Dress yourself in formals and groom yourself to impress interviewers with strict professionalism.

  • Prepare yourself for the obvious questions to be asked in the interview. More than half of the people are aware of the few basic questions that can be asked inside the room but the stress out themselves thinking about the uncommon questions that might be asked. Always remember that if at all the interviewer is going to ask some uncommon question, there is no way you could be guessing what is going on in his/her mind. So, it is better to leave it to your luck and brace yourself for at least the answers you know well.

  • Prepare yourself for easier and expected questions like: Tell something about yourself. Don’t start with, ‘My name is..’, they already have your resume with your name on it they do not want to know your name but more! So, give them a brief summary of your early years of education, work experience and current work profile. Don’t narrate them a long story, keep it short.

  • Another expected question which the interviewer generally asks towards the end of the interview after they have analyzed you. This question is the final which is going to analyze how much interest you have taken to learn about the company and works like the final go ahead question for the employer. He question is, ‘How do you come to know about the organization and why do you want to be a part of it?’ To answer this you should be able to discuss the company’s products, goals, mission and vision.


Preparing with these hr interview questions are only going to boost your confidence but no matter whatever the hr interview questions be, ultimately, it is your attitude and confidence that is going to help you bag the job!


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