Insomnia – 10 Natural Ways to Beat Sleeping Disorder

Sleep is something everyone craves for, but why everyone does struggle for it periodically? You have also tried to do it right? You stopped taking caffeine, you don’t take heavy dinner or don’t take any heavy meal just before going to bed, also you make sure that lights are off, you make a consistent schedule for bedtime each day, but still you lay on your bed for hours sleepless. Yes, you got hit by insomnia, one of the very common diseases in today’s fast and stressful life.

As per the recent survey conducted by one of the leading media house, more than 40 percent people are affected by insomnia. Symptoms of insomnia vary from difficulty in getting to sleep, or not able to take deep sleep, having restless sleep, waking up very often in the night and not waking refreshed in the morning.

Insomnia, sleep disorder and disturbed sleep pattern can develop some serious health problems if they come through long time.

When insomnia hits, you lay in your bed sleepless, stressing for hours, instead of doing few simple things to easily slip into sleep. Here I am writing few natural and easy solutions which you must try to beat insomnia and to have reposeful night.


How to Beat Insomnia

Here are some easy ways to beat insomnia and have reposeful night.


Avoid these substances

Intake of few substances before going to bed may have negative impact on your sleep.

These substances are nicotine, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, and cold medicines. Caffeine is known as one of the most popular drug in the world. It is a stimulant and it makes us feel more alert by blocking sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increasing adrenaline production. Avoid any kind of caffeine in the night.

Alcohol interferes with the normal sleep process. When you drink alcohol close to bedtime, you can go straight into deep sleep, missing out on the usual first stage of sleep, called rapid eye movement sleep.Deep sleep is when the body restores itself, and alcohol can interfere with this. You should avoid alcohol before the bedtime. Also, quit smoking all in all it’s not good for health. If not completely, avoid it at night.

Although most of us turn to cold medicines before bedtime, these medicines are not always help you sleep better. Slowly, it make things even worse. Your body can react to these medicines differently. Because of these medicines, some people may feel sleepiness, but others may find it makes them feel jittery and nervous and actually keep them from falling asleep or staying asleep.


Exercise regularly

By doing regular exercise you can beat insomnia easily. Exercise on a regular basis, swimming, running, cycling or even walking can help relieve the tension built up over the day. Make sure that you don’t exercise heavy close to your bedtime, exercising three hours before going to sleep is best. The exercise pattern should be light. Also, you can go for evening jogging an hour before dinner, it will make you feel relaxed and also tired enough to go in a deep sleep easily. Stick to a routine and take bath 30 minutes before bedtime to get a restful night.


Insomnia - Sleeping Disorder


The old wives’ tale works

Having warm milk before going to bed also helps you to get better sleep. You might consider it as an old wives’ tale but it really works very well. Intake of warm milk before sleep makes tranquilizing effect on your body; it calms you down, make you feel relaxed and prepares you for sleep. Also, the presence of amino acid in milk increases the drowsiness in the human body which helps you to sleep easily.


Listen Music

Listening to music is also an easy way to beat this sleep disorder. As we all know mothers sing berceuses to put their baby sleep because soft music is related with slumber. Different studies have proved that soft music blocks out the senses and takes mind to the rest state. Listening to soft music like as our Indian classical music or different music which have low intensity at bedtime is much helps you to sleep.


Restful Sleeping Environment

Restful sleeping environment is must for better sleep. To get a restful night there must be a good sleeping environment in your bedroom like decent temperature neither too cold nor too hot (ideal temperature for good sleep is 65 degree Fahrenheit), maintain your room lighting it should be dark as much as possible and remember there must not be any disturbing sound.


Read for Pleasure

By reading book at night just for 20 to 30 minutes you can easily beat insomnia. Make sure you read for your own pleasure, it must not be related to your work it must be related to your own interest which will make you feel better.


Don’t worry about Insomnia

If you can’t sleep, don’t lie on your bed worrying about it. Just get up and do something you love to do until you feel sleepy again, then go to bed for sleep.


Bath before Sleep

You sleep deep when your body temperature is at lowest levels, like early hours in morning. With warm bath or warm shower you can artificially heat up your body temperature and then your body’s internal thermostat will try to lower your body temperature which further persuades your brain to think that you are heading towards the sleep.



Light meal with some carbohydrates before the bed helps your body to calm you down and get sleep easily. It increases the levels of steady blood sugar and serotonin levels in your body, both of these states are very calming for the human body. You can try a cup of hot milk with honey.


Make up of lost sleep

You can make it up by going to bed earlier next day rather than later. If you sleep later you will disturb your sleeping schedule and it will be harder for you for following nights to get sleep at usual time. You can make it up also by napping but don’t nap for long or too late else it will further disturb your sleep cycle. Also, don’t try to make up your sleep losses during weekdays by sleeping on weekends for long hours, this is like trying to lose weight and get fit by heavy exercises and dieting on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Suffering from insomnia for long time would cause some severe health issues. But its not really tough to beat insomnia, these all are the very easy steps which can be followed regularly. If not possible to follow all you must try few of them and you will see positive results within 3-4 days.



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  1. prasanna

    Thanks Richa for sharing such a wonderful and valuable tips to get rid of insomnia.As per my knowledge Walnut and Sweet Cherries are also work good in curing insomnia.I am totally agree with you that insomnia can be cure natural way.It may take long time but it will cure.We have to keep faith.

  2. Richa

    Thanks Prasanna for sharing your feedback.

    Yes, insomnia can be cure natural ways and it will avoid any side effects of strong medicines.

    I’ll suggest people to follow natural ways who are at initial stage of insomnia.

  3. Rajesh

    Tks Richa… I go through it a lot, some do try and work, some new ones.. Tks for the update…. Rajesh

    1. Richa

      Thanks Rajesh for sharing your feedback. It will keep me motivated to write more informative posts in future. :)

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