Pregnancy Symptoms – 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Motherhood is bliss for every woman. Being a mother is what makes a woman complete. But how to do know that good news is on its way? What are those early signs of pregnancy which give you indications that you are going to be a mother? For the first time mothers these signs are priceless, they feel nervous and excited both at the same time! Pregnancy symptoms hold immense importance in a couple’s life because they know everything is going to change; a new life is going to enter their world, it’s a feeling of ecstasy! Won’t it dull your moment if you missed all early symptoms of pregnancy mistaking them to be usual sickness? This is why you need to be aware of pregnancy symptoms so that you can identify them as and when they occur and feel the rush of adrenaline within yourself that you are soon going to be a mom! And not to forget, share it with your beloved hubby too.


Here are a few early signs of pregnancy which you can keep track of and identify as and when it happens:


  • You must remember that it is not necessary that every woman will go through the same symptoms of pregnancy; it differs from woman to woman. But one common sign which you cannot leave unnoticed is that if you miss your period for the month. Again there can be exceptions; some women may not miss their period but bleeding during period will be much lighter if you are pregnant.
  • Hallmark of early pregnancy is fatigue; you might do little work and get tired up like you have just run across half of the city!
  • Swollen and Tender breasts- It might begin as early as 1-2 weeks of conception. Your breasts will feel heavier and painful on touch but don’t panic; the pain will subside once your body adjusts itself to the change of hormones.
  •  The famous ‘Morning Sickness’ shows up within 2-8 weeks of conception. Get up from bed and you are ready to throw up. Well, some women are fortunate enough not to go through this symptom but some have to deal with it through their entire pregnancy.
  • Frequent lower backaches
  • Do you have the urge to urinate too often? If you are expecting the symptoms of pregnancy, it’s time go for a test!
  • Food cravings combined with the other symptoms on the list is definitely a positive sign for pregnancy.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and check if your areolas have gone darker than their usual color. Areola is the area around your nipples. Check for it.
  • Change in your taste buds, you might find your taste in food changing.
  • Headaches


If you somehow manage to identify all the pregnancy symptoms mentioned in the list, either go for a home pregnancy test or consult a gynecologist and get the necessary tests done. You never know, good new might be on your way!

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